Che lemon juice being sold to a 7-year-old girl at the age of playing with toys, is heartbreaking

Birmingham Children are seen playing with toys at the age of seven, but seven-year-old Lisa from Birmingham is selling lemonade. Because he has to raise money for brain surgery. According to reports, Lisa’s mother Elizabeth says doctors have asked her to have brain surgery. Lisa, who has always been keen to help others, is now raising money for her operation.

Let’s say that Lisa’s stall is set up near the cash counter of Birmingham’s Savage Bakery. He gives people lemon water. A large number of people are coming there as soon as people are informed about his illness and his condition. He reportedly received bills of 5 5,, 10,, 20, અને 50 and 100.

Lisa’s mother said, “Lisa was in the hospital after two major operations. At the same time she thought of selling lemonade. “I told her no,” said Elizabeth. Lisa doesn’t have to do anything to pay the bills. I am alone I take care of my children myself. He said Lisa had made 12,000 in just a few days.

Lisa’s point is emotional. However some people are unhappy with the idea that the child needs to raise money for brain surgery. Critics say the American health system is dying. Friends, family and others who have heard Lisa’s story have already donated more than ,000 300,000.

Elizabeth has raised an online fundraiser. This surgery is going to cost a lot. She is being treated at Boston Children’s Hospital. Lisa said she enjoys working on her stand.

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