Changing Your Address How to transfer this LPG GAS CONNECTION, Learn the whole process


There was a time when one had to stand in line for hours for a gas cylinder. Gas cylinders are now being registered with just one miss call. And it can easily happen even if you see a new connection. Go to the nearest gas distributor with some documents and this process can be completed in just minutes. This also serves as an address proof for you once the connection is made public. What should the user do in this situation if you change your address? So let’s know the rules about this.

This can be done both offline and online if a new connection is required. The new connection comes with two gas cylinders and a regulator. According to information available on Hindustan Petroleum’s website, a two-cylinder costs Rs 2,900 and a regulator costs Rs 150. The price of rubber has to be paid separately. Even if the gas cylinder is full, the price has to be paid. It will require proof of residence. For which documents like ration card, electricity bill, landline bill, passport, ILC policy, water ID can come in handy. Documents like pen card, Aadhaar card are required for identity proof.

On changing location in the same city

This task is also easier if you change the address in your CT. If you change the address in a CT, in this case the current distributor will issue you e-Customer Transfer Advice. This is valid for three months from the date of issue. Based on this the new address distributor will add your name to this list. You do not need to buy a new gas cylinder or regulator.

Transfer from one city to another city If you transfer from one city to another city you will need to present a current distributor termination voucher. If the customer submits the cylinder, he will get a refund for the amount of rupees written on the subscription voucher. And he doesn’t have to submit a domestic gas consumer card. He can take connection in the new CT based on the same card.


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