chance! Start this business by connecting with railways, earning millions of rupees every month


If you too Business If you are planning to do, now you can earn by joining Indian Railways. Now you can start a bumper profitable business with less money. Let us say, self-reliant India Campaign Under the Indian Railways has given the opportunity to micro, small and medium enterprises to participate, if you also want to participate, you have a good opportunity. It will earn good money by connecting with your railways.

Earn money by selling the product to the railways

Let me tell you, the railways buy more than Rs 70,000 crore worth of products every year. This includes technical and engineering products as well as many types of everyday products. In it you can become a small businessman and sell your own railway products.

Registration for the business can be done here

If you also want to do business with Railways, you can register at and

How to start this business

  • Railway products are bought from the company that supplies the cheapest goods in the market. So you have to select a product that you can buy cheaply from a company.
  • You can then create a digital signature to see the new tenders by visiting the Railways’ website and
  • Take care of your own cost and profit while tendering. Put a tender on its base.
  • Other than that, if your rate is competitive, it will be easier for you to get a tender. The Railway Caterpillar technique seeks merit for the supply of service.
  • Apart from that, the railways is taking a big decision to promote MSMEs. MSMEs will get a priority of up to 15 per cent in the procurement of 25 per cent of the cost of a tender by the Railways. Apart from that, small businesses are also allowed to deposit security deposit and security deposit.

No need for second time registration

Please note that if you have already registered or you have registered with another railway agency to supply the product, you will not need a new registration. Once registered you can start a business with Railways.


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