Caution / Never make this mistake while recruiting a check, small negligence can cause big loss


Indian Bank from time to time Banking Keeps issuing guidelines to avoid fraud. However, fraudsters also try to cheat in different ways. It is very important to keep the bank checkbook safe. Punjab National Bank, the country’s second largest state-owned bank, has issued guidelines to account holders to prevent check fraud. In which it has been stated that care should be taken while recruiting checks and what things should be taken care of.

Pay special attention to these things


The check should always be paid from Permanent Inc.

When you go to drop a check in Dropbox, you should check the drop box thoroughly first.

Do not use overlapping handwriting on the check.

If the old check is not used, delete it.

Leaving blank space on the check should be avoided

Keep a record of your check details.

Keep the check book locked in a safe place.

Count the checks, contact the bank immediately if you ever have a problem.

Never sign a blank check.

If you cancel a check, bend and tear the MICR and write cancel on the entire check.

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