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The third and final season of Baby arrived on Netflix on September 16th but just what happened in season 2? Check out our Baby season 2 recap!

Thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been forced to cancel travel plans and have been turning to films and TV series to offer up some much-needed escapism.

For the past few years and especially now, Netflix’s Baby, which is set to the incredible backdrop of Rome, has been the perfect solution.

In 2020, however, Baby is set to arrive on our screens for the final time as the third and last season of the Italian drams arrives on Netflix.

But as it’s been almost a year since Baby was last on our screens, many viewers understandably need a quick recap into the events of Baby season 2.

Baby Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix



Baby Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix




Baby season 2 recap

Baby season 2 managed to crank the drama up a few more notches for our lead characters, Chiara and Ludo, who attend school in one of Rome’s most affluent areas.

After being lured into the world of prostitution by the adventurous Ludo in season 1, Chiara spends much of season 2 manipulating and being manipulated.

She’s forced to break up with boyfriend Damiano (who himself is being blackmailed by Chiara’s pimp, Fiore) after a classmate named Brando, who is gay, threatens to spread a video of Chiara unless she acts as his boyfriend. Chiara manages to get back at Brando by acquiring a video of his father getting involved with a minor.

As for Ludo, who is still working for Fiore but without middle man Saverio, she ends up being stalked by a client and over the course of the season, becomes more and more paranoid and worried.

Eventually, she seeks refuge in an apartment that was rented for her and Chiara by their pimp, Fiore.


The ending of Baby season 2 explained

The final episode of Baby season 2 sees the show set up nicely for season 3.

Chiara manages to make up with Damiano after their relationship broke down due to Brando’s blackmailing.

However, the biggest revelation in episode 6 came when Fiore was revealed to be paying Ludo’s stalker, proving that he was the person secretly manipulating her the entire time, setting himself up as the big bad villain to be taken down in season 3.


Baby season 3 on Netflix

The third and final season of Baby arrived on Netflix on September 16th, 2020.

The final six-episode season concludes the stories of Chiara and Ludo after Fiore’s villainous ways were only further confirmed.

Fans had better get ready for plenty of tension in season 3 which is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on September 16th.

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