Can a mobile app tell if a currency note is true or false? RBI provided complete information

2000 after the ban on notes by the government New note Declared. Of the year of the National Crime Records Bureau Report According to the report, the highest number of counterfeit notes seized last year was 2000 notes. It increases the troubles of the common man. When a counterfeit Rs 2,000 note comes from a bank ATM. That is why when going to the banks, the customer always asks the same question whether there is an app that can detect genuine and counterfeit notes. The RBI has now posted the information on its website.

The RBI says that Mobile Added Not Identifier – (Gem) is an app. But this app is for the visually impaired. This free application does not require internet once installed. This app is able to identify the denominations of banknotes of Mahatma Gandhi chain and Mahatma Gandhi chain by examining the front and back of the note. In which half-folded notes held from different angles under different conditions of light can be identified. Let me tell you, this mobile app does not certify any note as genuine or counterfeit.

Learn about RBI’s gem app

Indian notes have some features that allow the visually impaired to recognize them. This includes its printing, note size, pattern etc.

Advances in technology have increased the accessibility of Indian notes to the visually impaired. In which it will be facilitated in daily transactions. This was announced in the MANI app on June 6, 2018 in a statement from the Reserve Bank’s Development and Regulatory Policy.

With the help of this app, the denomination of Mahatma Gandhi Series and Mahatma Gandhi New Series notes, i.e., how much this note is worth, can be identified.

Get help This will be identified by examining the front or back of the note. It can be identified in a half-folded note and any lighting conditions.

The MANI app itself provides information

It has audio notifications through audio notifications in both Hindi and English languages. People who have trouble hearing. There is a mode of vibration for it. This mobile app can be navigated through voice control. The operating system supports voice enabled control. So that you can use the features of the application.


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