By-elections in 10 states: Violence in Madhya Pradesh, boycott in UP, find out the whole chronology

Simultaneous by-elections were held in several states of the country on Tuesday 3 November. The by-elections were held in 54 seats in 10 states. The maximum number of seats is 28 in Madhya Pradesh. Where many pro-Scindia MLAs joined the BJP and the Kamal Nath government fell. Now the election on these seats is very important for both the BJP and the Congress. In Madhya Pradesh, the turnout was better. More than 66 per cent turnout was recorded here.

Violence in Madhya Pradesh

Violence was also reported in some places during the by-elections. A total of 355 candidates were in the fray in the Madhya Pradesh by-elections. But during the polls, there were reports of violence in some assembly constituencies in Morena and Bhind, with shootings in some places. For which the police took some people into custody and registered a case. In Madhya Pradesh, the turnout was 66.37 per cent by 7 pm.

Voting boycott on 7 seats of UP

In Uttar Pradesh, by-elections were held on a total of 7 seats. All seats were voted on peacefully. By 7 p.m., 51.57% voting had been recorded. However, the turnout may increase slightly later. Even in UP, these 7 seats are considered very important for the BJP and the Opposition. But here at Amroha assembly seat, the people of one village boycotted the election. After this, District Magistrate Umesh Mishra reached Subdalpur Shumali of Naugwan Sadat assembly constituency to persuade the people, but the people did not agree. In fact, there is anger among the people over the lack of construction of 7 km road from the village to Hasanpur. The DM has promised to make way from November 10. Even after this, people remained adamant about not voting. The village has 663 voters.

By-elections in Gujarat

In Gujarat too, by-elections were held on November 3 in 8 seats and the people voted heavily. A total of 57.98% voting took place here by 7 pm. Voting in all the seats was peaceful. There is a contest between BJP and Congress candidates. By-elections were held in Amreli, Botad, Dang, Kutch, Morbi, Surendranagar, Vadodara and Valsad constituencies of Gujarat. In Gujarat, there were videos of voters being paid to reserve. Which has heated up politics.

Karnataka-Jharkhand by-elections on 2-2 seats

Karnataka and Jharkhand held by-polls on November 3. By-elections were held on 2-2 seats in both the states. The turnout in Karnataka was 51.3 per cent till 7 pm, while in Jharkhand it was 62.51 per cent. There were no reports of violence from either state. However, during this period, Karnataka Congress Committee president DK Shivakumar alleged that the BJP candidate had fielded 42,000 bogus voters in the Rajarajeshwari Nagar seat. By-elections were held in Bokaro and Dumka constituencies of Jharkhand. By-elections were held in Karnataka’s BBMP (Central) and Tumkur constituencies.

Better turnout in Nagaland and Odisha

Nagaland and Odisha also had by-elections in 2-2 seats. The turnout was very good in both the states. Nagaland had 83.69 per cent turnout while Odisha had 68.08 per cent turnout. Voting took place in Nagaland’s Angami-1 and Pungaro Kifir constituencies, while Odisha’s Tirthol and Balasore assembly constituencies had by-elections. No incident came to light during both the morning and evening polls.

By-elections in Haryana, Chhattisgarh and Telangana

In addition to all these states, Haryana, Telangana and Chhattisgarh went to the polls for one seat each. Haryana’s Sonipat constituency had a by-election with 68 per cent turnout, while Chhattisgarh’s Gorela Pendra Marwahi had a turnout of 77.25 per cent. Telangana’s Siddipet seat recorded 82.60 per cent turnout.


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