Bud’s funeral explained – how did he die?

Let’s get Bud’s funeral in Firefly Lane explained. How did he die? The flash-forwards left some audiences feeling uncertain.

Netflix has already established a selection of new and popular titles this year, with one of the latest undoubtedly being Firefly Lane.

This American drama series was created by Maggie Friedman and is based on Kristin Hannah’s novel of the same name.

It premiered in early February, giving viewers 10 episodes to binge through, immersing themselves in performances from Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson, Beau Garrett and more.

Throughout the series, audiences are confronted with a mystery, beginning with episode 2, ‘Oh! Sweet Something’, which ends with a flash-forward to two years later, where Kate and Marah appear to mourn Tully while dressed for a funeral. “I miss her,” the pair agree.

However, it’s not Tully who dies, so let’s get Bud’s funeral in Firefly ane explained.

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Firefly Lane: Bud’s funeral explained

Essentially, the confirmation that Kate and her daughter attend a funeral in a couple of years compels audiences to ask who may have died.

Their comments about missing someone suggest that it’s Tully, especially considering her absence from this tragic scene. However, later episodes further enhance a sense of mystery, as it’s hinted that the deceased could be Johnny Ryan, or her father, Bud.

The finale eventually wraps things up, confirming that the funeral they’re attending is, in fact, Bud’s.

At the beginning of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, Kate and her brother Sean speak about Tully coming to the funeral and their mother Margie, clarifying their safety for those who grew increasingly concerned through prior episodes.

We saw Bud numerous times across the 10 episodes, including in a flashback to the 1970s in which we discover that he and Margie were arguing about her having to make a choice, triggered by Tully’s mother.

He asks her to choose between her and the man she is having an affair with; both Tully and Kate knew about her infidelity.

By showing us this flashback, we realise that Margie was given a choice and chose Bud.

Firefly Lane: How did Bud die?

Although Bud’s cause of death is never explicitly mentioned, one detail in the finale suggests that he may have suffered a heart attack.

During flashbacks, we briefly follow the aftermath of a heart attack which Bud had back in the 1980s. Although an explicit connection isn’t determined, having these flashbacks unravel in the same episode as the funeral invites audiences to suggest that the events are tied.

Perhaps a second season will touch upon the cause of death directly, although the series’ renewal is yet to be announced.

Fans react to the funeral on Twitter

A number of audiences flocked to Twitter throughout the series to address the funeral and fan confusion.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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