Boycott China did not differentiate between imports from India to China, imports increased this month

Ministry of FinanceFrom China to India in the period from April to July ImportHas increased. From April to July 2020, India’s imports from China accounted for 12 per cent of total imports. That is, India accounted for the largest share of India’s imports from all over the world. However, Chinese imports accounted for only 12 per cent of India’s total imports during the period. That is why India’s imports from China have not changed between Boycott China.

Imports rose 5 per cent after the lockdown eased

Imports also rose by about 3 per cent in July after the lockdown eased. That is, Indian traders-businessmen-buyers have continued to order Chinese goods. India’s total foreign imports, however, have declined. Between April and July, India’s imports fell by 9 per cent year-on-year. However, trade experts said the increase was due to old orders.

Exports from India to China also increased

Exports from India to China increased from 8.4 per cent in April-July 2016 to 7.5 per cent. The total value of goods exported by India to China is 4.5 billion. India’s imports from China mainly include organic chemicals, electrical machinery-equipment, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment.

China’s economy is recording growth in the Corona period

Experts in the pharmaceutical sector say that India’s industry is largely based on China. India’s pharma industry could be in trouble if imports from China stop. At a time when the economies of the world’s largest countries are lagging behind in the Corona era, China is the only major country whose economy is growing.

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