Bloody game of army and police in Myanmar, killing 38 more people

A round of agitation is underway across the country to restore democracy in Myanmar. Protests against the military coup were the most violent day since last month. Four more people have been killed in violent protests by the army and police against peaceful protesters. About 60 people have been killed since the coup. In addition, hundreds of protesters have been jailed. Witnesses said police and army personnel started firing directly at protesters after the warning.

Meanwhile, a lawyer said Myanmar’s military had charged five other people, including a journalist with an international media agency, with violating the law. He faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

People’s expectations cannot be suppressed by violence

Pope Francis said Wednesday that the expectations of the people of Myanmar cannot be suppressed by violence. He also appealed to the army to release political prisoners. A Christian religious leader who visited Myanmar in 2015 also tried to intervene in the international community. “Myanmar’s youth deserve a better future,” he said. Where hatred and disgust have no place. Earlier, Pope Francis called on Myanmar’s military to release political prisoners.

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