Big news for FASTags users! Isn’t the tag on your car fake? NHAI gave this warning

National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to the people Fake Warned about FASTags. CHEWIt said that some fraudsters have started selling fake FASTags like NHAI / IHMCL, according to FASTags NHAI. This FASTag may seem real, but it is fake. In such a situation, users need to avoid such scams. NHAI says you should go to or use the MyFastag app to buy genuine FASTags.

Apart from this can also be purchased from FASTag, Authorized Sales Points of Listed Banks and Sales Agents. Information related to FASTag is also provided on the IHMCL website. You can complain about fake FASTag by calling the National Highway Authority helpline number 1033.

If there is no fastag, you will have to pay double tax

Let me tell you that the government has made FASTag mandatory across the country from 15th February. If your car does not have a fastag, you will have to pay double toll tax on the electronic toll plan. The government said this has been done to promote tax payments through digital mode. This will reduce the waiting time and fuel consumption and enable you to enjoy driving on the highway without interruption.

Charge for Fastag

FASTag is an easy-to-use, reloadable tag that enables automatic tax payments at toll plazas and lets you pass on the highway without interrupting any cash transactions. There is a one time charge of Rs 200, Rs 100 compensation fee and Rs 200 refundable security deposit for Fastag.


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