Biden will now work to reverse Trump’s policies, find out what changes could happen

US President Joe Biden’s list of priorities has been determined. These include the Paris Climate Agreement, basically wearing a mask for 100 days and ending the ban on Muslims. They will try to reverse the policies of former President Donald Trump in a way by issuing an order. Within the next 10 days, President Coro will sign and issue instructions on four key issues to address the Corona epidemic, fatigue relief, climate change and racial equality, said Jane Sackie, White House press secretary in the Biden regime. An executive order will be passed to make it mandatory to wear masks and body spacing for the next 100 days.

Trump began the process of separating the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO), but Biden will now take action to overturn the decision. Top infectious disease expert Dr. A team from the Biden administration led by Anthony Faki will attend the WHO Executive Board meeting. While relations with the WHO will be normal, the United States will work to strengthen it and cooperate in the fight against the Corona epidemic. US President Joe Biden will sign the instrument of joining the Paris Agreement. After 30 days, America will be part of this agreement again.

To be sent to Parliament, a detailed bill on Biden Immigration will be sent to Parliament under the preliminary decision on immigration. The bill would offer the opportunity to arrest illegal immigrants for eight years. It will also propose abolishing the employment-based green card limit for each country. This will benefit Indian IT professionals the most. Thousands of Indians have been waiting for decades to take up permanent residence in the United States.

Assistant Health Minister Joe Biden has named transgender woman Ramchal Levini as his assistant minister of health. Describing his appointment as historic, Biden said he would lead the health department amid the epidemic. Ratachal, a 64-year-old pediatrician, is Pennsylvania’s top health official.

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