Beware of online payers with QR codes, otherwise your account will be emptied

The Quick Response Code (QR Code) is the newest payment method in the world of digital payments. Only a few years ago, mobile wallet companies introduced a method of payment through QR codes. But it has become very popular in this age of UPI payments. It is possible that you will also be paying via QR code. But now you also need to be careful to take it. In fact, thugs have started cheating people in it too.

These thugs are targeting most online sellers. Suppose you are selling something online and for that you have to put a classified ad. In such a situation, these thugs call people and say that they want to buy your goods. After determining the price they send the token amount as testing. In this way the thug wins your trust.

How is cheating using QR codes?

Once you start trusting them, they send the QR code to the seller and ask him to scan it so you can make the entire payment. One mistake you made here could clear your bank account.

Even cheating by changing the QR code scanner

The more convenient the payment method for QR codes for digital payments, the greater the risk of misuse. In many cases swindlers let many merchants put their own code in place of their QR code scanners there. In this way most of the people pay only to them and the shopkeeper is not even aware of it.

Keep this in mind before making a payment with a QR code

In fact the biggest problem with QR codes is that the person cannot read the QR codes. This is why before paying by QR code, check that it has the name of the receiver on it.

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