Benefit / these people will get health insurance in FREE, new health policy has come in the market


If you Regular Exercise, run and own Fitness If you are careful enough, you can get Health Insurance Free. Nowadays insurance companies are fixing premium according to the health of the consumer, the lower the premium for a healthy consumer. In the same vein, some companies have gone one step further and made insurance premiums free. For this, the insured has to abide by the fitness criteria set by him.


Discount on premium from 80 to 100 percent

To encourage their customers towards a healthier lifestyle, many private health insurance companies are offering 80 to 100 per cent discounts on renewal of health insurance premiums. Also offering other rewards and benefits. Most companies also offer a no-claim bonus to the customer for not taking any claim but usually it is only between 25 to 50 percent.


This scheme of Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Meanwhile, Aditya Birla Health Insurance has come up with an offer of 100 per cent premium free for its customers. For this, the insurance companies have set a criterion of ‘Activ Dayz’, which means that you can walk 10 thousand steps in a day or complete any exercise target. Similarly, another health insurance company, Future Generali, recently launched a policy in which its customers get a direct 80 per cent discount on policy renewal. As a result the insured has not taken any claim in the last year.


You will get 100 percent discount on premium

Aditya Birla Health Insurance uses the most advanced Activ Health app to monitor its customer’s fitness. The company says the new product is the next version of its current Activ Health policy. For those who believe in living a healthy life. Last week the company claimed that it was the only company offering 100 per cent discount on premium.


This work has to be done for a discount on health insurance

Mayank Agarwal, CEO of the company, said that the company always encourages its insurers to stay active and healthy. Our policy is a new initiative in the industry, offering up to 100 percent health returns under the Incentive Based Health and Wellness Program. Any customer can get 100% health return on policy renewal if he meets the required Activ Dayz. Activ Dayz means 10 thousand steps a day or 300 calories a day or a 30 minute gym session or a fitness assessment test in 6 months.

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