Benefit / 10% discount on train ticket booking, find out how to get benefit

Indian Railways: ટ્રેનથી Travel You can get a discount if you do. And this Discount The railway itself will give you. In fact the seats in the trains are still getting empty due to the Corona crisis. And the railways have decided to give fares to its passengers to avoid losses so that passengers can travel easily and if the seats do not become vacant, the railways will also be filled.

10 percent discount on empty berths of trains

At present, a chart is prepared before the scheduled departure time of any train, in which if the railways have a berth empty, it will give a 10 per cent discount on it. The benefit will be available on the ticket booked half an hour before the departure of the train. This means that the seat in the train is vacant and you can get a 10 per cent discount if you buy a ticket online or over the counter just half an hour before the train leaves. This facility has started to be found in all special trains including Cherkar of Intercity.


Railways are not getting passengers

In fact passengers are not getting confirmed tickets on some routes, but there are also many routes where the railways are thirsty for passengers. As a result, the railways are either canceling the trains or reducing their fares.

The scheme was started in 2017

In fact the 10 per cent discount rule was implemented on January 1, 2017. It was started with trains like Rajdhani / Duronto / Shatabdi. Railways then introduced this facility in all reserve class trains.


Rule for 10 percent discount

The railways have already clarified how you can get this discount on train tickets.

1-10% discount will be available on the basic fare of the last ticket after the first chart.

2- No exemption in reservation fee, superfast charge and service tax wager, the passenger will have to pay it.

3- 10% discount will also be available on those vacant seats. TTE will allot.

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