Bank Holidays / Finish all the work of the bank on Monday, leave will be 6 days

Coronani Most people are escaping because of the second wave. If you Of the bank If there is any work, settle it tomorrow i.e. Monday, as the bank may be closed for 6 days due to the festival. According to the RBI’s list of bank holidays, the bank will be closed for nine years from Ambedkar Jayanti to Vaishakhi and Bengali.

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In the meantime Saturday will come. When the next day falls on Sunday the bank will be closed. Although the festival is according to different states, banks will not be closed across the country on the same day. The bank will be closed in the area where the festival is celebrated.

Holiday list

April 13 – Tuesday – Ugadi, Telugu New Year, Bohag Bihu, Gudi Padwa, Vaishakhi, Biju Festival

April 14 – Wednesday – Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, Ashoka the Great’s Birthday, Tamil New Year Maha Vishuba Sankranti, Bohag Bihu

April 15 – Thursday – Himachal Day, Vishu, Bengali New Year, Sarhul

April 16- Friday- Bohag Bihu

April 18- Sunday

April 21- Tuesday- Ram Navami, Garia Puja

April 24- Fourth Saturday

April 25 – Sunday – Mahavir Jayanti

Will get 9 holidays in April

According to information available on the RBI’s website, banks in different states of the country will get 9 days off in April. There will be a holiday on April 13 for Telugu New Year, Bihu, Gudi Padwa, Vaishakhi, Biju Festival and Ugadi etc. When on April 14, Dr. The bank will be closed for Ambedkar Jayanti. April 15 is the holiday of Himachal Day, Vishu, Bengali New Year, Sarhul etc. This will be followed by Ram Navami on April 21 and Mahavir Jayanti on April 25. April 24 will be the fourth Saturday off.


There are also fears of a bank strike

Bank employees have been protesting against the privatization of banks by the government. A recent meeting of the All India Bank Employees Union against Bank Privatization was also held. In which the employees have been threatening to go on strike for a long time. Even if the bank union goes on strike, all operations may be stopped.

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