Anti-peasant: After Rihanna, these celebrities have now also supported the peasant movement, known as Jacqueline Fernandez’s Judwa.

The peasant movement is currently a major problem for the Government of India. The echo of this movement is now heard in the world. International celebrities are also reacting to the peasant movement. Hollywoodstars have now joined these celebrities. Popular pop singer Rihanna on Tuesday endorsed the peasant movement on Twitter. Discussions of this movement have since intensified around the world. After Rihanna, many Hollywood stars have started reacting on social media in support of the peasant movement. We give you the same stars.

Amanda Sirney, popularly known as the ‘twin’ of famous actress, model and Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, has reacted on social media about the peasant movement. Amanda has shared a picture of the three older women on her official Instagram account. “The whole world is watching,” he wrote in his post with the picture. You do not have to be Indian, Punjabi or South Asian to understand this issue. You just have to have a sense of humanity. Always demands general rights such as the right to speak, the right to the press, equality and dignity for workers. ‘

The famous Uber Lily Singh has also supported the peasant movement. He also thanked Rihanna for retweeting her tweets. Lily Singh wrote in her tweet, “Thank you Rihanna. This is an issue of humanity. Following Rihanna’s tweet, renowned social activist Greta Thunberg also tweeted about the farmers’ movement in India. “We stand in solidarity with the peasant movement in India,” Greta tweeted.

Apart from this many more international celebrities have reacted on social media in support of the peasant movement. Tell you what, on Tuesday, Rihanna shared a news report: “Why aren’t we talking about it? He also wrote anti-farmer hashtags. It is a matter of pride that the farmers’ movement has been going on in the country for a few months now due to the demand to withdraw the agriculture bill. Farmers sit on dharna on the borders of Delhi.

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