Another virus could spread from China after the corona virus, the ICMR issued a warning

New Delhi: The entire world has not yet recovered from the outbreak of the corona virus, which is now at risk of spreading another virus. Its name is Cat Q virus (CQV) and it is spreading rapidly in China. The virus has also raised concerns in India. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has also issued a warning in this regard.

What is the Cat Q virus?

The virus falls into the category of arthropod-born viruses. It is found in pigs and Culex mosquitoes. Currently, higher rates of the virus have been reported in China and Vietnam. The ICMR says the virus could spread easily here depending on the situation in India. Cat Q virus can spread the infection rapidly in the body which can cause high fever, meningitis and even meningitis.

Scientists from India studied

During research by the National Institute of Virology, it has been found that species like Q lex mosquitoes are also prevalent in India. Scientists have conducted a study to understand the replication of this virus. For molecular and serological investigations, scientists have tested humans, three species of mosquitoes, and pigs.

What came up in the study

Scientists in research have not found an active infection of Culex mosquito in humans. However, antibodies against the virus have been found in two of the 883 human serum samples. This shows that both of these people were previously infected with the Cat Q virus.

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