Another example of whimsical Kim Jong-un’s cruelty, prison inmates drink the ashes

Cases of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s brutality are known all over the world. Sometimes he blows up his rival with a cannon, sometimes he even throws his relatives in front of a hungry dog ​​due to such a small mistake.

Terrible punishment given on watching foreign TV shows

An inmate who recently escaped from a North Korean prison has revealed that watching a foreign TV show there is a horrific punishment. These prisoners are given drinking water to keep the dead persons in the jail. “Prisoners are treated like animals in the Chonchari concentration camp there,” he said. The prisoner was interviewed by a Washington-based committee.

Prisoners are burned in prison

The prisoner’s name and identity have been kept secret. The corpse is kept in a warehouse after being cremated, he said. Where rats and other creatures carve it. The prison is named after the concentration camp and is subjected to inhumane torture.

Prisoners forced to drink the ashes of carcasses

Every week a prisoner dies here. Which is cremated in a crematorium built inside the camp. The carcasses are later rocked out there. Which is used to make compost used in agriculture. When it rains, the ash water mixes with the river. The water of this river is given to the prisoners for drinking and also for bathing.


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