Anil Ambani, wife and 2 sons have a Swiss bank account – account information will be handed over to India

Indian businessman Anil Ambani could face a new challenge. It is learned that the Swiss Federal Court has agreed to provide the bank account details of Anil Ambani, his wife Tina Ambani and their two children to the Government of India. A report on this has been published by the Swiss publication Gotham City.

The court had directed the Foreign Tax and Research Division on April 29. The Swiss court granted the petition filed by the Foreign Tax and Research Division of the Finance Ministry of India. The division was asked to verify the details of Anil Ambani’s bank accounts from April 2011 to September 2018. The court order said those who were touched by the matter argued for the closure of the mutual assistant, saying Switzerland did not have the authority to do so. However, the appeal filed by the Indian Authority against the application was rejected. The names of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani and Tina Ambani were not mentioned in the court order. However, the Gotham City report revealed that the persons identified as A, B, C, D are Anil Ambani and his family.

Reporting the whole story, Pilate told NewsLondry that Switzerland has seen an increase in tax requests from India this year. Importantly, all of these requests have been granted by the Federal Supreme Court. He further said that this is an important movement. Until now, under the Swiss Banking Secrecy Law, it has been a difficult task for any government to obtain details of suspected money laundering from a Swiss private bank. Swiss law has a special provision for this. For this, the government of each country has to seek administrative assistance. The Swiss bank is later ordered to provide this information. However, in the last few years, the pressure on the Swiss government has increased. These governments check whether their citizen is involved in black money by checking some banking details.

If the required information is provided by the Swiss bank, it will give the Indian authorities an idea of ​​whether the allegations of corruption against Anil Ambani could be substantiated. However, it also requires the transparency of the Indian authorities. He should disclose these details. Although in the past, Witsball bowlers had leveled allegations against the Modi government that it had asked the government to co-operate in the investigation of black money, but the government rejected their offer.

According to a Swiss publication, Anil Ambani succeeded in canceling a 140 million euro tax adjustment of a Reliance Group company in France in 2015. The decision raised a number of questions. The main reason behind raising these questions was that it was during this time that the French group Dassault was negotiating with India over the sale of Raphael. According to a Gotham City report, the sale was marred by high-level corruption, with Anil Ambani the biggest beneficiary.

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