American doctors find cure for corona, claiming to have saved almost 100% of patients’ lives

Doctors in Florida, USA, say they have found a cure for coronavirus disease. Doctors say the new treatment will be 100 percent successful. Doctors at Advent Health Hospital in Florida, USA, say they have developed a therapy called ICAM by combining four types of drugs. The therapy is aimed at boosting the immune system.According to a report published on, doctors who have developed the new therapy have taken care to boost the immune system as well as prevent inflammation in the lungs. Currently, clinical trials of the new therapy are being launched and doctors are expecting positive results. If ICAM therapy proves to be safe and effective during the trial, Corona patients can be treated by ICAM even without hospitalization.

Let me tell you that not a single Corona drug has yet been found that can save the lives of most critically ill patients. So, dozens of Corona vaccines are being tried all over the world, but many experts also say that the corona epidemic can only be caused by the vaccine. Not easy to finish. It is also not necessary that the vaccine provide protection to everyone, so experts are exploring other options as well. But he said ICAM protects patients from becoming seriously ill, so they don’t need to be put on a ventilator. Researchers say the new treatment could save the lives of 96.4 percent of coronary heart disease patients. Researchers have been working on this treatment since April. Doctors have also clarified that ICAM is not a new drug, but instead 4 drugs have been used together. These include immunosuppressive drugs (vitamins C and zinc), corticosteroids, anticoagulants and macrolides.

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