America will stand up for dissidents, defenders of human rights in China under my watch: Biden

By: PTI | Washington |

September 5, 2020 10:57:27 am

us elections, us presidential elections, donald trump, joe biden, kamala harris, george floyd protests, jacob blake protests, Indian ExpressDemocratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at campaign event at Mill 19 in Pittsburgh, Pa., Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. (AP)

Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden has said that under his watch, America is going to stand up for the dissidents and defenders of human rights in China.

“Under my watch America is going to stand up for the dissidents and defenders of human rights in China,”Biden said.

“We have to lead not just by the example of our power, but (by) the power of our example,” Biden said in response to a question during a virtual fundraiser.

“Look at the example we’re setting around the world. This guy has embraced every autocrat in the world. And he’s poked his thumb in the eye of our allies and friends. And look at all the people who know better. And they remain silent,” Biden said as he slammed the policies of President Donald Trump whom he is challenging in the November presidential elections.

“I’ve had a lot of meetings over the years… probably met more with Xi Jinping than any world leader just because President Obama asked me to get to know him when he was vice president. I travelled 17,000 miles and in China made it real clear: We don’t need war… I want to make one thing clear, you either play by the rules or we don’t play. You got to pay a price for violation of human rights. There’s plenty of ways economically that can occur,” Biden said.

When asked where he stood on the “democracy and freedom-seeking people of Hong Kong,” Biden criticised Trump’s policy toward China and of those in the US who do not speak out against human rights violations.

“Well first of all “starting off with what’s happening in western China and the concentration camps being set up now for Muslim Chinese … you notice, our silence was deafening (for not) condemning what was happening,” he said.

“And I started off… as being out of office, calling for the president to put his foot down relative to Hong Kong and make it clear that this is a fundamental violation of an international agreement that was reached between China and Great Britain and the international community, and it’s a violation of human rights. When we don’t speak, nobody else does,” he said.

“The people of Hong Kong deserve the support of the United States to uphold the autonomy and civil liberties promised to them by China,” Biden continued.

“But rather than standing for freedom and democracy, what has Donald Trump done? He’s emboldened Beijing every step of the way. Time and again Donald Trump has sided with the autocrats,” he claimed.

“When the protesters braved and faced down repression in Hong Kong, what did Trump declare? He said, I’m standing with Xi Jinping and praised China for acting responsibly. Where was everybody? I’m not joking. It angers me. It’s not who we are. If the United States doesn’t speak up against this kind of crap now, we’re complicit by our silence,” Biden said.

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