AMAZE: We just have so much time to live in the world, see how long we will live in this clock

If we realize how much time we have left now. That is, when the situation is going to get worse. When such a situation arises, it becomes difficult for man to live. However, now the clock has come to show this. This watch is installed in New York, USA. Called the astronomical digital clock. Climate is changing. However, some believe that nothing has changed. This watch also shows how much time the world has left. This watch was made by two artists. Whose names are Gain Golan and Andrew Boyd. He has shown the world through this clock that we have 7 years 101 days and 17 hours 29 minutes and 22 seconds left. These data show that the world will have a lot of carbon over the years. Its level will increase so much that it will be difficult to control. The latter will flood many parts of the world. There will be fires in the forests. There will be a drought. People will be diplomats. Earth’s carbon budget will be reduced. The temperature will rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Then the heat will increase so much that there will be water problem. According to a NASA report in the year 2019, people have been alerted about climate change.

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