AMAZE: Not married so you don’t have to leave your home!

A 100-year-old woman in Britain is not yet married so she doesn’t have to leave her beautiful home. Vera Bunting is the name of this old woman who has been living in the same house without a spouse for 100 years. In 1921, when he was 6 months old, his parents moved into a two-story house. The bus has been here ever since. Vera considers her home to be the most beautiful place on earth and has so far rejected 4 marriage proposals that she received after the end of World War II so as not to have to leave the house. They are healthy and energetic even at this age. He also has an older sister (Mary) and a younger brother (Robert). However, since they both live elsewhere, Vera lives alone in this house. Vera added that he likes walking and he has climbed all the nearby mountains. They can walk comfortably even at this age. A maid comes to their home to cook and do housework. They talk on the phone every morning with nieces and nephews who live nearby. Vera was a dressmaker but is now retired.

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