AMAZE: Horses used to kill snake venom, now to kill corona – 26 patients to be tried in US

Scientists at the American University of Costa Rica have completed preparations for the treatment of corona men with horse antibodies. The trial will be conducted on 26 infected patients this month. If the trial results prove effective, large-scale treatment can be performed in hospitals. The horses will be infected with Corona virus imported from China and Britain. Then enough antibodies will be ready from it. Plasma antibodies from their blood will be injected into the victims of corona. These antibodies will help fight the corona in patients and increase immunity to the virus. This treatment will continue until the vaccine is made. According to project head Alberto, for years humans have been removing snake venom from horse antibodies. From this we prepare anti-toxins. In the same way antibodies to the coron will be prepared. Antibodies to an animal called lama before horses have also been shown to be somewhat effective in treating corona sufferers. Just last week, researchers in Sweden discovered nanobodies that have the ability to stop corona. Protein doses of the virus have been introduced into the corona patient. This research has been completed but results are yet to come.

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