Alert! The government has issued a list of 6 websites, otherwise the bank account will be empty

New Delhi: Hackers have gone berserk during the Corona crisis and millions of people have been the victims of cyber attacks. The government also warns people against cyber attacks and online Ford. This time the government has released a list of 6 websites that you can click to become a victim of online Ford. This is because these websites can steal your personal and bank account information without their knowledge and they may incur huge financial losses.

While online networks have made people’s work easier, cybercrime complaints are also on the rise. Let me tell you, alerts will be issued from time to time from PIB and government banks and people will also be warned about this.

PIB announces list of 6 websites

PIB has released a list of 6 websites this time. Users are advised to stay away from this website. If you also touch this website link, your lifetime earnings will disappear.

Let me tell you, it includes websites that offer everything from scholarships to free laptops. Users should stay away from these websites.

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