Ahmedabad’s Bodakdev police station became the first, no one is ready to say when

It has not been four years since the Bodkedav police station in Ahmedabad, which was sanctioned in 2016, was started. Government of Gujarat The first such Bodakdev police station between the highway and SP Ring Road was officially cleared in 2016. At one stage, boards were also set up in Sola police station to make Bodakdev police station functional. Preparations were made to start a police station by installing a dome allotting space in the plot of Pay and Park on Sindhu Bhavan Road. The dome was removed for parking where police station preparations were underway.

Local and senior police officers take oral CVs

Now, a police station has been set up in the new space of the pay and park of the muni in the alley behind the Rajpath Club. The question of when the Bodakdev police station will be set up so that the citizens of the new western area can feel safe is taken up by the local and senior police officials. The site of the Bodakdev police station, which the Minister of State for Home Affairs had planted at one stage, was also taken back. If Bodakdev police station is started including Sola police station and Vastrapur police station areas, the security system will be strengthened. Four years after the approval, the question of when the time will come to start the Adhartal Bodakdev police station is fast approaching.


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