After Uyghur, Muslims are now China’s new target: hijab ban

Of China Xinjiang Following the persecution of Uyghur Muslims in the province, China’s communist government now has a population of only 10,000. Enthusiastic MuslimsIs targeting.

Authorities banned her from wearing this type of dress

The government has banned promiscuous women from wearing traditional Islamic dress and hijab, a statement that has drawn criticism from countries around the world. Enthusiastic Muslims living in the city of Sanya in Henan Province are being targeted for wearing traditional attire in schools and government offices, with authorities banning such attire.

Traditional clothing cannot be worn in any minority school

According to the South China Morning Post, a social worker for Muslim enthusiasts, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the official order was that no minority school be allowed to wear traditional clothing. Other minorities in Sanya do not wear traditional dress, this is why no one pressures them, when we are forced, hijab is an integral part of our culture, but if we abandon it it will be considered as taking off our clothes.

Protests by young women against the order have also started

Enthusiastic women were termed hijab disorderly

No reason was given for the ban on the traditional dress of Utsul Muslims, the social worker said, adding that Utsul women working in the Sanya municipality or the city’s branch of the local Chinese Communist Party were also banned from wearing the hijab late last year. Enthusiastic women working in government or Communist Party units are considered hijab disorderly.


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