Advice! Keep this in mind when paying your credit card bill, otherwise there could be a big loss

Credit card

More and more people nowadays Of credit cards Have begun to use. With a credit card a Advantage Even if it is not the case, you can buy as per your need and pay for it later. Almost all banks have issued their own credit cards. Credit card bills can be paid through EMI. You need to be especially careful when choosing an EMI option in a credit card. It can benefit you. There is a risk of not paying attention to these things. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your credit card bill payment.

This way avoid extra payments

Credit card

If you use a credit card for purchases. So you have to change the amount to EMI. Doing so will give you more time to repay the loan. It is also not going to have a significant effect on the credit score. For customers who are unable to pay their credit card bills on time due to any reason, it is better to convert their amount into a loan. The customer will also avoid making extra payments.

There is no extra charge or interest if the credit card bill is paid within the stipulated time limit. Only if you convert the bill amount into EMI. So the bank has to pay interest on it.

No charge

Credit card

There is no charge for paying credit card bills through EMI. In addition to interest, processing fees, prepayment charges and GST are also levied. The customer also has to pay for it.

Less time consuming facility


EMI is a good option to buy a lot of things and pay the bill. The bank does not have to pay interest on taking EMI even once. There you have to pay more interest if the credit card bill is paid through EMI. Therefore, one should try to take advantage of EMI for a short period of time.

The option of EMI for payment of credit card bill should be adopted only when there is a major emergency or it is not possible to pay the bill in any way. Try to make sure that the credit card bill is paid before the due date. It does not require extra payment.

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