A statue of Punyashlok Ahilya Devi will be erected on the steps of Jejuri fort.

JEJURI: A 12-foot-tall full-sized statue of Ahilya Devi Holkar is being completed on the Gadkot footpath of Jejuri, the family deity of Maharashtra and the folk deity of the Bahujan Brothers. The work will cost around Rs 40 lakh and a 12-foot-tall bronze metal statue will be erected on the footpath. The work is being carried out by Mahendra Thopte’s Kala Sanskar Art, an original Jejuri-based sculptor.
The Holkar family has made a great contribution to the development of Jejuri city. The construction of Jejuri Gadkot yard, historic Holkar lake for drinking water, Malhar Gautameshwar temple, construction of a tamarind garden for the convenience of devotees etc. add to the splendor of the city. Every community and various organizations demanded that a monument or a statue be erected in the city. With this demand in mind, the work of the statue has been undertaken on behalf of Shri Martand Dev Sansthan.

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