A new technique to prevent the transmission of corona, the alarm will sound as the crowd grows at the airport

Continuous precautionary measures are being taken by Delhi Airport in view of the danger of Corona infection. Then on Monday a portable machine was installed to check the new stream of Coroida (COVID-19). Since then a new arrangement has been made to control the crowd. The airport administration has installed sensors here so that alarms can be sounded if the airport gets crowded. The security personnel present there will then be activated to control it. It is learned that an artificial intelligence (AI) based system has been set up at Indira Gandhi International Airport to fully maintain social distance.


Alarms will be sounded immediately where social distance is violated

According to information received from Delhi Airport officials, sensors have been installed at some places on the roof of Terminal-3 which will alert the control room for the number of people. Alarms will be sounded immediately in any area where social distance is violated. After which the security personnel will wake up and try to make arrangements there.


This is how the alarm works

That being said, this system will work based on the density index. The index is prepared on a zero to five basis. Less than one index means that the density is low. Social distance is being observed here. Officials say the index being between one and two means the area is becoming increasingly crowded. If the index exceeds two, it will indicate that social distance is not being followed. After which the agencies get the alert.


A total of 516 sensors were installed at the airport

According to airport officials, the sensors have been installed in areas like entry area, check-in, security check, immigration, where travel related procedures are completed. There are 516 sensors installed here, of which 16 sensors are at the eight entrances of the terminal. This will make it easier to control the crowds here. With the help of technique we will be able to prevent corona-like infection.


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