A huge opportunity for the youth to earn millions of rupees, the Modi government is making great preparations

Millions of you flying drones Rs Can earn. Of course, this seems a bit confusing, but in the near future, drones will only be flown by trend pilots. This will be known as a drone pilot. The Director General of Civil Aviation is working on the scheme for training of drone pilots. Soon many fields will need a trend pilot to fly drones.

Drone use already in the field

Trained pilots are expensive and big Drones Will fly. Now even the railways have started using drones. Oil companies have also started using drones to monitor their pipelines. Drones are already being used in some fields. This information is provided by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

This is DGCA’s plan for drone pilots

Given the airspace and its risks, DGCA is working on a drone pile project. A plan has been made for that. Drone pilots will be trained under this plan. This training will provide a flying academy and a trend commercial pilot to prepare drone pilots. However, the DGCA has not made it clear that in the near future, only trend drone pilots will be able to fly drones.

This is how a drone pilot will get the opportunity to earn millions of rupees

Whether documentary or not, the use of drones in both commercial videography has increased over time. Not only this, the railways have also started using drones for the security of their organization. The South-Western Railway has started using drones for the safety and supervision of the carriage factory. 9 drones have been purchased at a cost of Rs 32 lakh. Now drones are getting too big and expensive. Drones have also been used in companies such as pesticide spraying companies, agencies in the field of security and large real estate projects.

This rule is determined by the DGCA

  • To fly a drone, it is necessary to get its registration, operator permit and clearance before flying. For this, a platform called Digital Sky has been prepared on the DGCA website.
  • UIN and UOP will continue except import clearance from DGCA. So will the renewal.
  • 1 thousand rupees for UIN and 25 thousand rupees for UOP. However, the UOP will be valid for 5 years and will have to pay a fee of Rs 10,000 for later renewal.
  • Drones will be allowed in the restricted area by the Ministry of Defense. Clearance will be obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Penalties and penalties are also provided under section 287,336,337,338 of the IPC for violating drone flying rules. DGCA, UIN and UOP may also suspend or cancel.


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