A disease has spread in China that will make people impotent.

Corona The whole world has lost to the destruction of the virus. But now a new disease in China intends to destroy people’s lives. Thousands of people are suffering from a deadly disease caused by bacteria. This disease can cause impotence in a person. According to the health department in Lonzhou, the capital of Gansu Province, 3,245 people have contracted a serious disease called brucellosis, a bacterial infection.

Whose fault the infection spread

Experts say that BacteriaThe infection is caused by contact with animals. However, media reports about bacterial infections say something else. According to media reports, officials say the outbreak was caused by a leak from a biopharmaceutical company last year.

What is brucellosis

This disease called brucellosis is also called Malta fever or Mediterranean fever, which is caused by a group of bacteria of the genus Brucella. People who come in contact with infected animals such as pigs, goats, dogs or sheep are more likely to get the disease.

How is the disease spread to people?

The risk of spreading the disease from one person to another is very low. Experts say that drinking unboiled milk or eating infected foods like milk and cheese can infect a person. Apart from this you can also become a victim of this serious disease by coming in contact with the aerobic agents of the infection.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Like the corona, the symptoms of this disease also appear very late. Its symptoms are similar to the common flu. Fever, weakness, headache, muscle aches and fatigue are the main symptoms. However, in some men the disease can also cause infertility, encephalitis and meningitis.

How to rescue

The disease is spread through contact with infected animals. So take full care when approaching animals. Also, do not drink animal milk without boiling it. Be careful not to eat anything made from milk. This is an airborne disease, which can cause problems even when breathing. Therefore, to reduce the risk of infection, wear a face mask.

How did the disease spread in China?

A bacterial infection called brucellosis is spread by inhalation. Jogmu Lanzhou, a pharmaceutical company responsible for the infection, accidentally leaked the infection last year. The report said that between July and August last year, vaccines and outdated disinfectants and sanitizers were used to protect the animals from the disease. Which has led to the spread of this infection.


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