A dairy plant worker was bathing in milk when the video went viral

New Delhi: A dairy plant in Turkey has been shut down because a man working here was taking a ‘milk bath’. The video of this person went viral on Tiktok, after which many users were seen very angry. The video shows a man taking a bath in a tub full of milk.

A relaxing shower in a bathtub

The exposure of the footage sparked outrage on social media and soon the video went viral on many social media platforms. However, the administration associated with the dairy plant said it was not milk but cleaning liquid and water. However, by taking a tough decision, he has fired this person and this person’s contract has expired.

According to reports, the video was recorded at a dairy plant in Central Anatolian, Konya. The person seen in the video sitting in the milk tub is named Emre Sawyer, the person who uploaded the video is named Ugur Turgut. Both have been arrested.

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