A Christian youth was arrested in Pakistan on bail after five years, at the age of 16

A Christian youth who has been in jail for nearly five years on blasphemy charges in Pakistan has now been granted bail. He was kept in jail for so long without a hearing.

The Lahore High Court on Monday granted bail to Nabil Christ. During the hearing, Nabil’s lawyer told the court, “My client has been behind bars for almost five years and there has been no progress in his trial. The forensic report also proved that, by Nabil, this alleged blasphemy post was not prepared by Nabil. He was a minor at the time. Apparently, under pressure from clerics and locals, the police registered an FIR against Nabil. ‘

Nabil was just 16 years old when he was arrested in Kasur, 50 km from Lahore, on the basis of the FIR.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan has strict laws against blasphemy. The person accusing the slanderer is not able to provide a lawyer of his choice. Most lawyers refuse to take on such sensitive cases.

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