5 million flowers can be uprooted / Japan’s Flower Festival canceled

Saitama is a province of Japan with a population of 73 million. With the onset of autumn, people from all over the country flock here every year. Because of the flowers that bloom in the parks and forests here, called spider lilies. Although only a handful of people are coming to visit the park, if the crowd grows, 50 lakh spider lilies can be uprooted to prevent corona infection. Hiroto, who oversees Gonendo Park, said the annual Flower Festival has been canceled because of the corona. The festival starts in October and lasts for about two weeks. About 20 lakh people used to come to this festival every year but this year most of the parks in the province are empty. The good news though is that the vacant parks look no less than a paradise. At present the park is full of flowers of many colors including red and pink.

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