10,113 companies-industrial units closed across the country due to Koro crisis, find out how many companies in Gujarat are subject to lockout …

The Corona virus has hit most businesses hard and has yet to recover from the recession. During the 10 months from April 2020 to February 2021, 10,113 companies-industrial units were closed across the country. These companies have voluntarily ceased operations. A total of 68,463 companies were shut down in the country during FY20, according to figures from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

In which state the companies closed the most?

So far in the current financial year, 10,113 companies have closed in the country. The highest number of 2394 units have been locked in Delhi.

Top-10 states in terms of companies closing
State Company number
Delhi 2394
Uttar Pradesh 1936
Tamil Nadu 1322
Maharashtra 1279
Karnataka 836
Chandigarh 501
Rajasthan 479
Telangana 404
Kerala 307
Jharkhand 137

How many companies are closed in Gujarat, some industrial sheds are empty

Even in dynamic Gujarat, many industrial units have been shut down during the epidemic. As per the information, in Gujarat alone, 8,2 plot-20 sheds are lying vacant in industrial estates while 5,503 industries are closed. According to the details presented by the Gujarat government in the assembly, 3 plots have become vacant in the industrial estates of Gujarat. Of these, Ahmedabad has the highest number of plots at 8,50-Bharuch, 1,2-Jamnagar-2, Rajkot-3, Panchmahal-3, Patan-4, Mehsana-203, Dahod-3, Surat-31 and Gandhinagar-3 plots are vacant in industrial estates. On the other hand, the number of vacant sheds in the industrial estate is 20. In which Mehsana has the highest number of 18-Rajkot, 18-Banaskantha-6 and Surendranagar-3. The number of vacant plots in the industrial estate of Ahmedabad is 20.

The number of industries shutting down in industrial estates is also steadily increasing and currently stands at 4,308. Ahmedabad has the highest number of 3, Surat has 120, Bharuch has 16, Kutch has 13, Bhavnagar has 16, Rajkot has 16, Vadodara has 120, Gandhinagar has 17 and Porbandar has the highest number. Entrepreneurs are not interested in setting up industries.

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