100 million doses of corona vaccine worldwide, not a single vaccine in 29 poorest countries

New Delhi: The vaccine has emerged as the biggest hope in the world after the outbreak of coronavirus. Vaccination against corona has started in many countries of the world including India. More than 100 million Corona vaccines have been administered worldwide so far, according to the AFP news agency. But the surprising figure is also that the vaccination program has not yet started in the 29 poorest countries of the world.

Among the countries that have been vaccinated, Israel is at the forefront of vaccination according to the population. So far, 37% of Israel’s population has been vaccinated against coronavirus. Many of these people have also received a second dose of the vaccine.

It’s been 60 days since the world’s first vaccine. The world’s first vaccine for corona was given in Russia on December 5, although Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine has not yet been approved globally. Trials of the third phase of the Russian vaccine are underway in many countries around the world. As of Tuesday, 101.6 million people worldwide have been vaccinated.

America ranks fifth

Corona vaccination began in the United States on December 14. U.S. About 28 lakh vaccine doses have been given so far. According to Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker, it accounts for about one-third of vaccinations worldwide.

China ranks second after the United States, with about 20 million vaccine doses reported in China. In China, the goal is to vaccinate a large number of people before the Chinese New Year on February 12.

Britain ranks third after China with 10 million vaccine doses. Israel ranks fourth, with 5 million doses given here. India is number one after Israel. So far 41 lakh health workers in India have been vaccinated.

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