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To turn on and install updates is as simple as right-clicking the updates icon and selecting “Install Updates Now.” However, it’s especially important to make sure that your computer is secure and supported when you install software.

As you might know, windows 10 and windows 7/8/8.1 have a built in updater. That can be scheduled and turned off, but thats not much help when you dont want to see it.

Some applications (i.e. antivirus) will actually block updates from being installed on their own.

For instance, McAfee Security programs, can block updates from being downloaded unless you run the program on startup.

Setting Up Automatic Updates

If you use McAfee Anti-virus, this steps should be familiar to you. If you dont have McAfee, then you will have to research how to use the various security programs to get them to sync with Windows Update.

You can click Start > Settings > Update & Security and then click Windows Update.

Click Change Settings. In the Automatically download and install updates section, select Install updates from Windows Store.

Click OK to close the window.

To verify that the update has been installed, click Check for updates.

To disable automatic updates, click Change settings. Select the If this option is selected, Windows will not download any updates, even if updates are available. > and select Disable.

You can also check this link. It’s an explanation on how to use Windows update. It’s also used by Windows 10 pro and Windows 2016 Server.

In 2017 Microsoft released Windows 10 Creators Update, which brings many improvements and fixes for the OS. The key differences of Windows 10 Creators Update is you can now build a PC with Windows 10 Pro and get other Windows 10 editions free. The software that runs on these updated Windows will be just as reliable as the one running on your computer from the day it comes out.

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