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.”Celiac disease in diabetic children.
As far as our literature research showed, the incidence of celiac disease in type 1 diabetics was similar to that in healthy children, but celiac disease was not found among type 2 diabetic children. In adults, the incidence of celiac disease is higher in diabetics with a ketoacidotic relapse than in those with a nonketotic relapse. The author examined this question also in pediatric patients. In 1284 diabetics, with and without ketoacidosis, the incidence of celiac disease was not higher than that in the control group of equal age.Lymphocytosis in the Periocular and Ocular Adnexa in Behçet Disease and Its Clinical Features.
To study the clinical characteristics of lymphocytosis in the periocular and ocular adnexa in Behçet disease (BD). A total of 302 cases with BD were recruited in this study, including 204 cases with or without lymphocytosis. The clinical features of BD and its complications in BD-related lymphocytosis (BDL) were examined. A total of 22 cases of BDL were observed. The involvement of BDL was found mainly on the periocular and ocular adnexa. The ocular adnexa were most commonly involved, including the eyelid, conjunctiva, conjunctiva, iris, and choroid. The ocular adnexal involvement in BDL was more significant in ocular adnexal BD than the orbital involvement. BDL in BD was associated with increased rate of neurological manifestations and decreased rate of oral lesions and leukocytosis. Periocular lymphocytosis should be emphasized in BD, and patients with BD-related periocular lymphocytosis should be referred for additional ocular examination.The KTM 1290 Super Adventure R is the best ultra-exciting and adventurous mototow with the big appetite and will swallow the world and the sky! Its extreme adventure attitude endows the new KTM 1290 Super Adventure R with the most extreme off-road excitement.

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