HACK ZipScan 2.2c Full Version ((LINK))

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HACK ZipScan 2.2c Full Version

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Vinyl vs. Film Costing Archives and Libraries

I recently participated in a workshop where archivists presented on cost savings from converting to digital. I am a bit torn about the size of the savings that may be possible. Archivists are often somewhat skeptical about the ease of digital conversion. I had the same doubts about as I did about the overall cost of digital conversion. I believe that digital conversion is the way to go. Paper is expensive and it is a waste of money to digitize a bunch of paper in order to see what is on the paper. It costs money to create a digital copy. In some cases as much as three times as much as the paper copy. Our funding source dictates the number of digital copies we create. Digital is the way to go.

Digital libraries can be built for less. Anyone that thinks that digital files are the same quality as paper files are in error. Digital files are compressed. That makes them smaller. They are commonly compressed about 50%. That means that they take up half as much storage space. Digital files can be stored on hard drives. Paper files have to be stored on paper. Paper can be stored in shelves. How much space is required to store a digital file?

New facilities in the Twin Cities have made storage space available. The St. Paul-Ramsey Regional Library and the Minneapolis Public Library are both building new buildings. They are both converting their paper collections to digital files. The Minneapolis Public Library building is being designed by the well-known architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. He has designed many libraries and other public buildings. The St. Paul-Ramsey Regional Library facility is being designed by the rising





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