Descargar Wifislax 4.4.iso Con Bit Torrent


Descargar Wifislax 4.4.iso Con Bit Torrent

Wifislax ver. 3.1 free download 64 bit iso.
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A user-friendly, cross-platform multi-host management solution. It also provides all the
tools you need to administer multiple domains, users, servers and applications. There is a small
tool-kit which will quickly grow into being your favorite tool.

Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista

More information:

The Simple Web Router Toolkit (SWRT) is a collection of tools to change, monitor and test the
configuration of your router and access point. It provides a high-level programming language with an
easy-to-use object-oriented command structure to control the traffic forwarding process. For more. Узнать подробности о новой версии документации

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