Top Expert: Antioxidant Glutathione Crucial to Preventing Disease

A little-known antioxidant may be the key to optimal health. According to Dr. Nayan Patel, an internationally recognized expert on glutathione, this is the master of all antioxidants and can help you feel younger and help your body ward off chronic diseases in only two weeks following his plan.

“Even the most dedicated health sleuths may not know about glutathione, of GSH for short,” Patel, author of “The Glutathione Revolution: Fight Disease, Slow Aging, and Increase Energy with the Master Antioxidant,” tells Newsmax. “But its importance to every cellular function in the body cannot be overestimated. Unfortunately, we lose our ability to produce GSH as we get older, so in my book I outline natural ways to increase your GSH levels.”

Here are some of the benefits you will reap, according to Patel:

  1. Disease prevention. GSH prevents illness form gaining a foothold, says Patel. “Free radicals damage our DNA and allow maladies like cancer to attack the body. Research has shown that a number of diseases, from autoimmune disease to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are associated with low levels of glutathione.”
  2. Stronger immune system. Active glutathione boosts natural killer cells and T cells, which are the frontline infection fighters of the body.
  3. Detoxification. With the increasing amount of chemicals and heavy metals in the environment, along with those we unknowingly ingest from food and water, it’s more important than ever for our bodies to be able to detoxify efficiently, says Patel. Glutathione binds to these toxins, neutralizes them, and “pushes them out the door where they belong — in the toilet,” notes the expert.
  4. Slower aging process. Glutathione helps protect the telomeres that play an integral part in keeping cells young and healthy by encouraging the function of an enzyme that delays and even prevents telomeres from shrinking.
  5. Brain protection. Patel, who has been a pharmacist for over 22 years, says that glutathione is one of the most powerful weapons the brain uses to guard against oxidative damage to its DNA. Studies have found that people with low levels of glutathione tend to have Alzheimer’s and mild cognitive impairment.
  6. Younger looking skin. Free radicals are known enemies of the skin, but GSH is its friend, says Patel. The antioxidant helps prevent rogue attackers for breaking down collagen and elastin that give our skin its bounce and structure. “It’s also been shown to address a wide variety of skin issues such as acne, rashes, and eczema and reduce the appearance of sunspots and sunburns,” he says.

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