Too Much Sleep Increases Your Risk of This Deadly Disease by 85 Percent

We all know the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep, but too much of a good thing can be deadly. A study published in the journal Neurology reports that people who consistently sleep more than nine hours a night, take naps that are longer than an hour and a half, or who get poor quality sleep have a higher risk of suffering a stroke.

According to Inverse, too much slumber boosts your risk of having a stroke as much 85%. Other studies mirror these findings, especially in women, and middle-aged and older people who sleep more than eight hours nightly.

The Neurology study was conducted in China and involved 31,750 people with an average age of 62 and no history of strokes. The study participants answered questionnaires about their sleep and napping habits and were followed closely for six years.

During the study, 1,557 of the subjects suffered a stroke, and of these 80% were ischemic, involving brain clot. The remaining 20% were hemorrhagic, or brain bleeds. According to the data, people who slept more than 9 hours nightly had a 23% increased risk of stroke. Those who napped during the day for more than 90 minutes were 25% more likely to have a stroke. But for individuals who not only slept more than 9 hours a night AND took long naps, the risk of stroke also rose to a whopping 85%, according to Inverse.

The study author Xiaomin Zhang suggested that too much sleep did not necessarily cause strokes, but rather that people who slept a great deal during the day had inactive lifestyles which are associated with increased stroke risk.

According to Psychology Today, oversleeping, a condition called hypersomnia, is also linked to mental health issues such as depression, heart disease, metabolic disorders, diabetes, and obesity.

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