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Super Bowl Sunday will be a lot different this year. Chances are you’ll be celebrating with just your own family or close friends, so the Super Bowl spread can be healthier, says Tara Collingwood, MS, a leading sports dietitian for professional and recreational athletes.

“You now have greater control of the snacks you provide during the big game,” she tells Newsmax. “If you want flavor and good taste without busting your waistline, I have some suggestions to fill the bill.”

Here are some healthy snacks to serve during the game:

  • Guacamole. While this tasty dip is high in fat and calories, it does contain “good” fat, says Collingwood, who adds that avocados also have over 20 essential vitamins and minerals. “Instead of dipping fried chips into the guacamole, choose crunchy veggies like sugar snap peas and sliced red pepper,” she advises.
  • Pistachios. They are known as the “skinny nut” because they are the lowest calorie nut. In addition, if you purchase them in-shell, it takes longer to crack them open and eat them, slowing down the caloric intake, says the expert.
  • Bruschetta. These flavorful snacks feature antioxidant-rich tomatoes with onions and basil on top of crispy bread. “Sprinkle a bit of cheese if you’d like,” says Collingwood. Be creative and add your own favorite toppings like smoked salmon or anchovies.
  • Chicken skewers. Instead of sandwiches, use lean chicken breast on grilled skewers with mushrooms and green pepper. “They are great for grazing and can be dipped in low calorie sauces like teriyaki.”
  • Shrimp. Everyone’s favorite nibble has very lean protein with essentially no fat. Serve your gang shrimp cocktail or sauteed, grilled shrimp with various seasonings. “Just don’t bread it and fry it!” says Collingwood.
  • Kale Chips. These are very easy to make in the oven and can give an antioxidant rich crunchy alternative to traditional chips.
  • Fruit skewers with yogurt dip. If you want to score something sweet during the big game, fruit skewers are the answer. “They also make a colorful addition to the table,” says the nutritionist.
  • Stuffed mushrooms. Using very low-calorie mushrooms as the base for these appetizers helps to save some calories. You can fill them with sauteed veggies, shredded cheese, or lean protein.
  • Baked chicken wings. “Wings are popular and a staple at most Super Bowl parties,” says Collingwood. “Bake them instead of frying to save calories.”
  • Chili: When it’s cold outside, nothing is better than some warm, filling, hearty soup/chili. It’s easy to use lean ground beef, turkey, or veggie crumbles. The rest of the ingredients are all veggies: onions, tomatoes, beans, and more beans!
  • Lettuce wraps: Instead of flour tortilla wraps, put your favorite proteins into a nice big piece of crunchy lettuce.
  • Popcorn: Popcorn is actually a whole grain and high volume food, meaning you can crunch on nice big mouthfuls without adding up to a lot of calories. Go easy on the butter to keep it low calorie.

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