What’s going on in Bigg Boss 14? Azaz told Jan to put his hand in the toilet

The atmosphere at home is also changing as the 14th season of Bigg Boss moves on. With more days, the trend of task, adventure, conspiracy, revenge, etc. is also increasing. During a task at Bigg Boss’s house recently, it was seen that another container John Kumar Sanu has been asked to put his hand in the toilet sheet, which leads to the atmosphere of the house and a little upset.

In fact Bigg Boss has a luxury budget job and the house is divided into two different teams. Both teams try to win each other as usual, but this time the teams give each other the task of winning that you will also be knowingly surprised. The level of strategy of the teams is declining, which is also creating an atmosphere of tension at home. Let us know what these teams have done in the meantime.

According to the promo, Bigg Boss will give everyone a task for a luxury budget and divide the house into two teams. If the team name is Angel then the team name is Satan. They include Ally Gony, Agaaz Khan and Nikki Tanboli Shaitan and Holly Poonia, John Sanu, Ruvidhout Dilek and Innovative Angels. Jasmine is the operator. The promo shows that in the meantime Agaaz Khan asks John Sanu to win each other by putting his hands on the toilet seat. It looks like John did this and when he pulls out his hand he sprinkles a little water from his hand on the jazz.

Then the atmosphere in the house gets hot and Jazz gets angry and threatens that they will even ask him to lick his hand if he comes back. The next promo shows him getting upset in life and novelty telling his teammates that the devil is giving him pessimism. Jasmine Bhasin has told the angels that she should be patient.

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