Urmila Matondkar gave a scathing reply to Kangana and gave this advice regarding drugs.

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspoken statements. However, he often faced opposition for his statements. He had recently described Mumbai as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), after which he faced a lot of opposition. Meanwhile, actress Urmila Matondkar has condemned Kangana.

Urmila said, “The whole country is facing drug related problems. Does he know that Himachal is a stronghold of drugs. He should start this fight from his own state. Why doesn’t this person who has been given Y security with taxpayers’ money tell the police about Drug Nexus? There is no doubt that Mumbai belongs to everyone. Clay red is the first right. ”

He said, “Whoever loved this city and gave it to her in return for this city, this city is hers. As the daughter of this city, I will not tolerate any comment that tarnishes the image of this city.” When you comment like this when you are like this, you are not only tarnishing the image of the city, but you are also harming the people here. ”

Urmila said that if a person makes constant noises, it does not mean that he is speaking the truth. Some people always fight and play on the victim card and if that doesn’t work they play the women’s card. Urmila said she has distracted everyone from the main issue and presented her personal issues.

“No one would say that to a person like Jaya ji,” Urmila said on Jaya Bachchan’s Kangana statement. Asked why Bollywood is silent on all this, Urmila said no one would want to speak in the kind of atmosphere that has been created today. Bollywood is working in a very poor condition. People feel they have to endure criticism if they say something. If people live in constant danger, don’t ask them questions. “

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