TV industry’s condition deteriorates due to Corona effect, Bharti Singh’s fees cut so much

MUMBAI: Many shows have closed in the middle due to economic pressures caused by the Koro epidemic. Meanwhile, it has also had an impact on artists’ fees. Many show broadcasters have decided to cut fees. At the same time, some actors have also expressed displeasure over the decision. However, everyone has to work according to these new rules. The decision has also affected comedian Bharti Singh. According to sources, his fee for show dance diva has been reduced by 70 per cent. So his fee has been reduced by 50 per cent in The Kapil Sharma Show.

It feels bad when money is cut – Bharti Singh

Talking about this, Bharti Singh said, “I think everyone is amazed to hear about the cut. I am one of them.” Although I tried to negotiate a lot about it. But when I saw that things had really changed. So much work has stalled. TV and shows don’t get sponsors, then where do the channels get the money from. Everyone is trying to get back on their feet. Once again, when we start getting good ratings, the fees will also increase.

All must move forward together in these difficult times

Bharti says everyone has to work together in these challenging times. They hope their actual fees will be the same once everything is fine. “We have been working on one channel for many years and they listen to us,” Bharti said. So today when they are asking for help from the front, I don’t think any artist would refuse.

Technician’s money should not be deducted

“When things were normal, they listened to us and met all the demands,” Bharti added. I know everyone’s money is cut, although I want the technicians who are on set not to cut their money. Excited Bharti Singh said about returning to the set that we are returning after about seven months. Comedy shows are needed in times of such crisis.

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