These celebrities including Hrithik, Alia bought Luxurious Dream-House, you will be shocked to know the price

Mumbai: Mumbai’s luxurious real estate market has rebounded after five years. In the Corona crisis, giant businessmen, corporate luminaries, cricketers and Bollywood actors have again shown interest in buying expensive houses called Luxurious. Corona has led to a lot of big realty deals in Mumbai in the last few months due to price cuts and reduction in stamp duty.

These buyers include Keki Mistry of HDFC, actor Hrithik Roshan and Amrita Puri (daughter of former HDFC president Aditya Puri), stockbroker Motilal Oswal, cricketer Shreyas Aiyar, Vinot Kumar Jatnia of Jatia Hotels.

Who bought the dream-house

Actor Hrithik Roshan recently bought two apartments on Juhu Versova Link Road for Rs 97.50 crore while Alia Bhatt Bandra bought a house for Rs 32 crore. Motilal Oswar has bought two duplex apartments on Peddar Road for Rs 101 crore. Amrit Puri has bought an apartment in Malabar Hill for Rs 50 crore. Shreer Air has bought a 2618 sq ft luxury apartment in Lower Parelma World Towers for Rs 11.85 crore.

Sales of luxurious apartments in Central and South Mumbai have been sluggish since before the Covid-19 epidemic. Experts say that after almost 5 years, its sales have picked up. Prices have fallen by 10-15 per cent in the last few months, prompting many to buy expensive homes.

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