The short film ‘New Normal’ expresses the changed lifestyle of excellent children

Mumbai’s ten-year-old Arav Sinha wanted to do something creative. While at home in the last few months he made some videos on various topics and uploaded them to his YouTube channel. But now he has made a short film called New Normal. He has handled editing and direction with acting

A few months ago everything was normal. The kids rode bicycles, played with friends in the park and had fun. From the school’s annual celebration, all the other festivals were their own. But one day all of a sudden everything changed. Schools were closed due to Kovid. The children were locked in the house. Classes began to take place online. Outdoor games were replaced by indoor and video games. The children had time to watch cartoon shows on television. They look out the window to get news from the outside world. There was a little silence around. But then time took another turn. Life was unlocked and children like adults came out of the house, but with all the precautions

The story of the first short film ‘New Normal’ is about children whose lives have changed now. But he is not depressed and frustrated, but is trying to live his routine fresh. Eventually, he thought of making a film and he said, “They were feeling a strange loneliness, because they didn’t meet friends and didn’t go to school. Neither the house was going out nor relatives or friends were coming home. It was not a class in the school’s online class. I felt that this would happen not only to me but also to other children. One day I shared my idea with Daddy that I would have to bring up the experiences of normal children.

He advised to make short films and thus in three-four days the film is in front of everyone today. Abhijeet Sinha, the father of a fifth standard student at RKB International School in Mumbai, is an actor and director. He has given full support to his son in making the film. While ARV took on the responsibility of acting, editing and directing, Dad created the screenplay with photography and videography. Speaking of ARV, the filmmakers have not only enjoyed him, but also boosted his confidence.

How much do we do for what we don’t have? But we don’t pay attention to what we have. It is possible that there is plenty of happiness hidden in what is nearby. For the past two years he has been providing an example of his skills by joining theater workshops. Her father says she is a little shy and quiet, but because of her interest in technology she loves making gaming, music videos and animated videos. During the lockdown, he made several animated videos, including Coro’s Prevention Steps, Children and Parents, including small-to-large steps on how they can all relieve their stress.

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